5 Best Hot And Cold AC In India 2022

Best Hot And Cold AC In India

Are you planning to buy an appliance that can cool the air in summer and heat the room during winter?

If yes, you have landed yourself at the right place because here, we will talk about the best hot and cold AC in India manufactured for this job only. They have cooling coils so that the temperature during the summer season can stay below room temperature. Also, they have an in-built heater to ensure that you don’t suffer hypothermia during the winter season. 

What To Look Before Buying Hot and Cold AC?

  • BEE Energy Rating– Check the BEE energy rating and make sure to look for an AC which is rated within the industry-standard levels. 
  • Noise Level– Make sure to go for an air conditioner having a brushless motor so that the fan produces no sound. 
  • Annual Energy Consumption– Also, check the appliance’s total power consumption annually to make sure that the rating doesn’t go overboard. 
  • Energy Efficiency– Check the star rating of the AC. For example, a 3-star air conditioner will consume more power than a 4-star or a 5-star AC.
  • Coil Type– Always make sure to choose a copper condenser coil because this metal allows fast heat exchange and reduces power consumption. 
  • Built-in Stabilizer– With a built-in stabilizer, you won’t have to worry about the voltage fluctuations affecting the internal circuits of the air conditioner. 
  • Thermostat Capacity– If the air conditioner has a thermostat, it will become easier to control the temperature and prevent excess energy consumption. 
  • Warranty– Make sure to check how warranty time is offered for the product, the motor, and the condenser coil. 

Top 5 Best Hot And Cold AC In India 2022 

1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC

  • Cooling area coverage of 150 sq. ft.
  • 3-star energy rating 
  • White in colour with plastic body 

LG is one of the most popular electronics and electrical appliance brands. Hence, there is no doubt that this air conditioner will be the best option for fulfilling your requirements. It has a dual inverter compressor that comes with two rotors. They move independently of each other and can cool down or heat a room fast and with more efficiency.

The condenser coils are protected with gold fins, and the copper tubes are coated with deep black paint. As a result, the coils and tubes have high resistance against corrosion and rusting. Thanks to the antibacterial filter in the AC, it will purify the air with no harmful microorganisms.

To reduce the humidity in the air, a dehumidifier is also added. You will also have a low refrigerant indicator that will instantly let you know that the refrigerant is not available in an adequate quantity. R32 refrigerant is added that is environment friendly and hence, won’t cause you any harm.

With a uniform airflow, the AC can cool down the entire room evenly. You also don’t have to worry about the voltage fluctuations as the appliance has a built-in stabilizer that can operate between 145V and 290V AC voltage supply. In addition, it is equipped with dual cooling technology for fast cooling action in the room. 


  • Dual inverter to reduce the overall energy consumption 
  • No need to use an additional stabilizer 
  • Five fan modes with different swings 


  • 3-star energy rating is there

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton Hot and Cold Split AC

  • Noise level of 44dB 
  • Plastic white body
  • One year product warranty 

This cold and hot air conditioner from Voltas is one of the most sought after products in the market, thanks to its amazing features. It has a copper coil which is why the heat exchange process is much quicker and efficient. Moreover, copper does not consume too much energy, which is also a plus point.

It has a four-stage filtration process with both microbial and dust filters. This will make your room’s air safe for breathing. R22 refrigerant is used in this product. Since it is a hot and cold air conditioner, an inbuilt heater can increase the room temperature during winters.

The remote comes with an LCD to control the temperature and switch between different modes with ease. Its dehumidifier will immediately reduce the humidity content from the air, making it fresh and improving the quality. Another plus point of this hot and cold air conditioner is the cool turbo mode.

If you want an instant decrease in temperature, simply out the AC in this mode and experience the magic. On top of everything, it operates silently with a noise level of 44dB and hence, you can sleep comfortably without any problem. 


  • 4 stage air filtration system for easier purification 
  • Instant turbo cool mode for more comfort
  • LCD remote display to make operations much easier


  • The absence of an inverter may cause utility bills to increase.

3. DAIKIN Hot & Cold 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

  • One year product guarantee 
  • Five years guarantee period for the compressor 
  • 3-star energy rating 

This air conditioner has four in-built functions: a cooler, a heater, an air purifier, and a dehumidifier. Therefore, you can use it throughout the year without causing any hassle. The condenser coil and evaporative pipes are made from copper. Hence, the electric consumption is very low without any compromise on efficiency and performance.

The air conditioner will cool down the temperature quickly, ensuring that you can be comfortable in the summers. As it has an auto-restart feature, you won’t have to worry much about manually restarting the appliance if there is a power cut.

Besides, it is reinforced with a PM 2.5 and antibacterial filter that will prevent smoke, microbes, and other harmful particles from spreading in your room, thereby purifying the air. Since it operates on the R32 refrigerant, you won’t have to be concerned about the environment and its health.

With a slim and sleek body, you can install this air conditioner anywhere without having to be worried about space. Furthermore, the motors operate silently to ensure that your sleep is not disturbed due to the whirring sounds of the rotors.


  • Has an auto-restart function 
  • R32 refrigerant is used that is eco friendly
  • Copper tubes to increase the appliance’s efficiency 


  • No special turbo cool method is present.

4. Blue Star 1.5 Ton 4 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC

  • A special gear mode 
  • One year product warranty 
  • Stabilizer free functions

If you are looking for an air conditioner that won’t put much pressure on your electric bills, you can find this is the best product in the market. It can operate without a stabilizer, provided the input voltage is within the range of 140V to 290V.

Since it has a heater and a cooler, the appliance can work well between the temperature range of -5°C to 52°C with ease. Hence, if you live in an area where the summer or winter temperature can become extreme, having this hot and cold air conditioner will solve your problem.

To reduce the power consumption without impacting the performance, the manufacturers have included a gear mode. Here, the functions will be controlled by a driving and driven gear, which is why you can operate the AC on full power but with 50% or 75% power input.

The i-self cleaning technology will help the air conditioner keep itself free from smoke, fumes, dust, debris, etc. If you feel the cold or hot air is being incident right upon you, use the breeze away feature to evenly distribute the air inside the room.

You will have a fan working in five steps, from 20% speed to 100% speed and 1% precision change. Hence, you won’t have any problem running the appliance at your convenience. Its remote has a unique design, thanks to the built-in iFEEL sensor that makes it more useful.


  • Quiet and noiseless function 
  • Easy spread of the cold or hot air inside the room 
  • Doesn’t need a stabilizer to operate 


  • Only a dust filter is present.

5. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split AC

  • Inverter air conditioner configuration 
  • One year product warranty 
  • 1.5-ton air cooling capacity 

It is equipped with an inverter. You won’t have to worry about the utility bills skyrocketing and emptying your pocket every month. The air conditioner has a copper condenser coil that will quickly cool down the room and provide you with the optimal relief from the summer season’s scorching heat.

To purify the air, the air conditioner is loaded with an antibacterial filter and dust filter. Therefore, you won’t have to be worried about your respiratory health anymore. Suppose you are living in a humid area. In that case, this air conditioner will be your best companion owing to its built-in dehumidifier.

The humidity of the atmospheric air will get reduced considerably. Thanks to the brushless motor, you won’t have to deal with the sounds of the AC’s fan. This appliance is constructed so that it can deliver 10% more performance during the summer season.

If you want to get cosy in the winters, run the AC in its heat mode to increase the room temperature. In addition, you will get a remote control for operating the application with no hassle.


  • Copper coil to reduce energy consumption
  • Noiseless air conditioner functioning 
  • Dust filter to purify the room’s air thoroughly 


  • The self-cleaning feature is not present.


Since the hot and Cold air conditioners will serve throughout the year, it is important to get only the right product that can easily fulfil all your requirements. Out of the five products discussed here, our first recommendation will always be the LG 1.5 ton AC. It has several appealing features and amazing construction that will reduce the electric bills and make your stay comfortable at your home. Our second recommendation will be the Blue Star AC. It operates noiselessly without the need to have a stabilizer. You can even use the fan at five different speed levels for more convenience.


1. Which is the best hot and cold ac in India?

The LG 1.5 ton 3-star AC will be the best hot and cold air conditioner for you in India. 

2. Which AC is best for Indian weather?

Any hot and cold air conditioner with a heater, cooler, and dehumidifier will be amazing for Indian weather since most places experience a humid climate. 

3. Which hot and cold AC consumes less power?

If an air conditioner has copper condenser coils and inverter motors, it will consume less energy.

4. Does 5 star hot and cold AC save electricity?

Yes, a 5-star rated air conditioner will save electricity, provided it has an inverter and copper coils. 

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