Daikin AC Service in Chennai

Are you looking for Daikin AC Service in Chennai? You have landed at the right place. We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide all kinds of services to your Daikin AC.

As much as it is important for you to get a good quality AC, it is equally important for you to maintain it well in order for the AC to work more efficiently and consume less power. Yes, a well-maintained AC works more efficiently, which means you don’t have to run it for a longer duration which results in lesser power consumption and saves you a ton of money on electricity.

How to book Daikin AC Service in Chennai?

To book our services, all you need to do is,

  • Call us or mail us at 9940048863, or you can also mail us at sarvelcooltech@gmail.com 
  • Send us your address, contact information and a google map location if possible
  • Book the date and timing
  • You receive a confirmation message with the contact details of the service person.

And that’s it.

Common AC Issues

ACs do have a lot of common issues like,

  • AC is not cooling properly: AC not cooling properly is one of the most frequent problems that most customers face, and it might be because of low refrigerant levels, Motor issues, etc..,
  • Refrigerant Leakage: Another common issue which affects the cooling and it can be due to improper Installation, poor maintenance and so on.
  • AC produces noise: ACs produce noise when there is a problem in the motor or the compressor, and you need to get it checked to detect the issue and repair it.
  • AC burning smell: Sometimes, there might be a burning smell in the AC, which might be due to PCB faults, Compressor faults or voltage fluctuations.
  • The outdoor fan is not working: The fan outdoors is used to expel the heat of the AC, and if the fan stops working, it damages the AC, which may be caused due to faulty compressors or coils.
  • Water leakage in AC: Sometimes, there may be water leakage in the Indoor unit, which is caused due to a lot of reasons like problematic suction lines, refrigerant leakage, poor Installation, etc..,

What Daikin AC Services do we provide?

  • General Servicing: We undertake General AC servicing for your Daikin AC which includes:
    • Cleaning the filters
    • Cleaning the outdoor unit
    • Checking the refrigerant level
    • Checking for any malfunctions or repairs, etc..,
  • Maintenance: We do provide AC maintenance service, and in our opinion, maintenance is one of the very important uses of an AC. No matter how good the quality of the AC is or how Expensive it is, ACs need maintenance to run efficiently. Book your AC maintenance now!
  • AMC Support: AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract Support, and we at Sarvel Cool Tech provide AMC, which means we provide annual AC servicing support for those who sign up with us for the same. We take care of your AC while you can chill.
  • Installation & Uninstallation: Installation and uninstallation are very important when it comes to ACs, especially. We feel Installation is a major part as a bad installation could ruin the AC too. So if you are buying a new AC, shifting to a new place or anything, Book us for Installation and uninstallation services.
  • Gas Refilling & Gas leakage repair: We do undertake AC Gas Refilling and AC Gas leakage repair services. Refrigerant is one of the most important components of the AC, and we provide it at a very nominal fee. Sometimes, there might be a gas leakage in your AC which ruins its cooling capacity. You are just a call away from an efficient cooling AC.
  • AC Compressor repair: We undertake AC compressor repair services for your Daikin AC. we make sure to repair the compressor and make it perform as if it was brand new.
  • Condensing pipe repair: We provide condensing pipe repair services, too, which is one of the important components through which the refrigerant gas passes. Call us right now for condensing pipe repair.
  • PCB repair: The PCB is like the motherboard of the AC, which has all the wiring of all the components. So if there is any fault in the PCB, the AC does not tend to work well and here is where we come to your rescue. We provide PCB repair services as well.

Pricing Table

AC Inspection350

General AC Cleaning
Deep AC Cleaning1500
Split AC Installation1500
Split AC Uninstallation
AC Gas Filling
Price on Inspection
Window AC Installation900
Window AC Uninstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

Deep AC Cleaning
1400 to 2500

Benefits of Regular AC Servicing

  • Efficient working: If you service the AC frequently, all the parts of the AC can be maintained well, and they tend to work efficiently and provide better cooling.
  • Reduced Electricity Bills: When serviced Frequently, the AC works well and provides better cooling, and you don’t have the need to run it for longer hours which results in a reduction in power consumption, thus reducing electricity bills.
  • Long life of the AC: If you service the AC frequently, all of the components of the AC are being taken care of, and they last you longer.

Why Choose Us?

We at “Sarvel Cool Tech” is a Chennai-based company, and we provide solutions to all your AC needs at a very nominal fee. We charge exactly what we quote, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever. If you are looking for an AC service in Chennai, you know whom to contact now.


1. What is the inspection charge?

We do provide inspection for your AC to check and analyse the problem, and we do charge for it. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

2. What is the Price for gas charging?

Gas Charging is one of the most important parts of the AC, and the Price of Gas charging depends upon the size of the AC and the amount of Gas required. So we can only quote a price for the Gas charge after inspection.

3. What is the Price of General inspection price?

We charge ₹350 for general inspection all over the City Limits. In the General Inspection, we come to your house at the booked timings, and we check the AC for any faults and Malfunctions.

4. How many days prior should I book?

It is best to Book Us at least a day in advance, and depending on the location, we can even serve you on the same day of booking.

5. What are the Types of payment available?

We accept cash, Upi and Check payments for all our services. However, we do not accept card payments as of now, and we are working on it.

6. How to book AC servicing or repairs service at Sarvel Cool Tech?

To book Sarvel Cool Tech, all you have to do is, call us at 99400 48863​ , or you can also email us at sarvelcooltech@gmail.com.

7. If my AC needs spare parts while repairing, are they charged extra?

Yes, if some parts of the AC need to be changed, we charge extra for it, and the price depends entirely on the part that needs to be changed.

8. Does Sarvel Cool Tech provide AMC support?

Yes, we do provide AMC support which is very useful for you to maintain the AC well, and we have a team of experts who are ready to onboard you and provide you with any service that is needed. 

9. Does Sarvel Cool Tech provide a warranty for their service?

Yes, we do provide a one-month After Sales Support which we think is very important as ACs or any appliance for that matter might have some malfunction even a few days after the repair and having After Sales Support is really important.

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