5 Reasons Why AC Is Not Cooling

Do you think you are taking care of your ac like it takes care of you?  

Can you barely make any difference between the outside and the inside temperature despite having the AC on? 

Then there is likely a problem with your air cooling system. It would help to get it checked out before it is too late. Additionally, conduct regular inspections and maintenance of your air conditioner. To understand why the problem occurs, you need to conduct some research. Or you can always call professional services to help you out.

But if your AC breaks down in the middle of the night, then you should at least be able to understand and perhaps rectify the situation. Thus, here are five reasons why your AC is not making you cool enough. But before that, it lets me know about the principal function of an air conditioner

How does an AC work?

The ideal function of an air conditioner is to remove the warm air from inside the house. In substitute, the refrigerant, with other components’ support, providesother components’ support, provides cool air through the ventilators. This is done by changing liquid into a gas and then back into liquid. The liquid passes through a compressor while the warm air is pumped outside. The coolant then flows through the condenser, reversing the process and resulting in a cool liquid. The idea is not very different from a normal refrigerator. 

Five Reasons Why Your AC Is Not Cooling 

After a long day of work in the summers, all a person wants is to come home and relax with some cool air around. So you tune on the AC and try to relax but, it has been some time, and the temperature has not changed. 

This is an immediate mood killer. That could be an issue if you try to understand why this happened and start teasing the wires. Hence, here are five reasons to understand why you need to stop teasing the wires. 

1. Gas leak

This is a scary thing to admit, but it happens, and the sooner you catch it, the better. That is why you need to be educated about this. Gas leaks can cause trouble for the machine and even the people living in the house. That is why you should find it out and get it fixed as soon as possible. This can occur due to corrosion in the coils and mechanical damage. It may also be caused due to a leaky connection. You must recognize this and call a professional for the betterment of everybody. 

2. Fan motor problem

The fan is an important component that plays a rather vital role. It helps the air coolant to circulate through the room. You will notice that the fan will not start should it be faulty. On the other hand, if the fan does not stop spinning, that is also something to be looked into. This could be a problem with the capacitor, which provides power to the fan. Another symptom of a fan motor problem is the airflow being erratic. 

3. PCB board problem

PCB or printed circuit board can get burnt during conditioning. This is a very common problem, but you should be very careful while dealing with it. You may notice that the air conditioner is not turning off regardless of switching it off. In that case, you should try to turn it off from the main switch until you call for a professional. Do not touch the machine as you might get electrocuted.  

4. Full Of dust On AC

Another rather common problem is dust and the accumulation of dirt over the filters and other parts. It is surprising to admit that most people do not quite adhere to the maintenance of their AC. Thus they should come across such problems. That being said, AC filters should be replaced if seen clogged layers over them. You can easily find them through the professional AC services in Chennai that are provided by Sarvel Cool Tech. A dusty AC and a clogged filter can cause the air to flow ridiculously down. Therefore, you might not be getting a cool room at the end of the night.  

5. Compressor problem

Just as the body cannot function without its main organs, ACs need all of their components to work properly. Among all the parts of the machine, the compressor is the most essential. Think of it as the heart of the air conditioner. This part compresses the refrigerant and circulates it through the condenser and the evaporator. This is a rather important cycle that needs to be conducted to get your room cool. Therefore, a problematic compressor is a red flag that you need to call to action. 


Therefore, to sum up, air conditioner problems are rather common but could be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Hence ensure that you call for a professional immediately if you see the issues escalating. Moreover, try to maintain your AC as much as possible. Ideally, you should be deep cleaning at least twice a year.  

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