How Is AC Service Done At Sarvel Cool Tech?

Is your AC acting up again? 

Are you sick of the problems despite maintenance? Then you are in desperate need of AC servicing. AC problems are rather common, but it can produce a lot of problems to have a proper lifestyle. The outside world and heat are cruel enough. When you come home, all you want to do is relax at home with your family or in solitude. 

A lot of curious minds are working to understand the mechanism behind the problems. A lot of people are keen on knowing how an air conditioner is fixed. Therefore, today that it will fulfil the thirst for curiosity. To understand what goes down when a professional is servicing the AC in Chennai, you must keep reading. 

How is an AC serviced? 

Many components play their respective major roles in the proper functioning of an AC. For example, the compressor, the condenser, the filter, and the fan work simultaneously and in harmony to make the room cool. But if one of the components gets lost in its charm, then the whole system would collapse. 

Filter and fin cleaning 

The filter is the most common thing that requires change and replacement. That is because the filter absorbs all the dirt and air pollutants. Hence it is likely that they would get blocked at one point in time. Therefore, you can expect the filters filled to their brims every three months. 

When the filters are blocked, there is no more space to absorb dirt which can impact the airflow to lessen. Hence when servicing is done, the filters are cleaned out or replaced altogether if deemed necessary. This immediately enhances the performance of the air conditioner. 

Condenser and evaporator

The condenser is the component that cools the refrigerant. On the other hand, the evaporator allows the warm air from the inside to be escorted outside. Hence it is very important to look into the works of the condenser and evaporator. The common problem is that they get dusty and accumulate dirt. 

To fix this situation, professionals clean the condenser and the evaporator fan. However, when service is done, there could be dust or mould in some cases over the fan of the AC. Hence when servicing, people ensure that there is no sight or mould on the machine. 

Check for leaks 

Another important thing that it must look into is the leak. They could be of any kind, either gas or water. In any case, having leaks is not the ideal situation for an AC to work properly. Especially in cases of gas leaks, people should be careful as they could be life-threatening. 

Should you experience gas leaks, you should call for professionals without panicking. They will fix any leak, be it gas or water from pipes. Hence you can be well-rested when you see the AC working in all its might. 

Coolant level 

The coolant is the main ingredient that cools your house. Should there be a problem with the level of the coolant, the machine will not work. The ideal level for the machine to work in the coolant corresponds to the evaporator coils. 

When a serviceman is repairing the AC, they check the coolant levels. This is done to prevent the temperature of the coolant from dropping. Technicians either replace the coolant or the coil altogether to fix this. 

Coil cleaning 

Besides the fan, the AC evaporator coils are also something that requires cleaning. They accumulate dirt very fast, which makes the machine not function properly. You may notice the airflow is less than usual, or the AC is not cooling the room enough despite adjusting the temperature. 

A professional would immediately recognize that the problem is with your coils should he see layers of dust. Hence he goes on to clean the interiors and the surface of the coils. In some cases, these coils tend to rust. This is something that requires replacement.  


Finally, inspection is the best thing you can do for your air conditioner. Ensure that you look into the interiors of the machine every three to six months. Air conditioners are susceptible to dust and mould as they easily fit into the wall. 

A regular inspection is essential for the betterment of your machine. You can either do that yourself, or you can call for professionals. While doing it yourself will save a couple of bucks, hiring professionals would ensure deep cleaning of the machine. 


Air conditioners are very common and necessary. It is important to ensure that whatever you are spending your money on stays the same for the longest time. Thus, it is important to conduct regular maintenance of the machine. It will help you bring about a healthy AC for your healthy family. 

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