The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

The 10 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Are you pushing your air conditioner to work properly? 

Is your house not cool enough, no matter how low the temperature is set? This may be because your AC needs an upgrade, and you need to call people to open it up and check its components. But you know, you are not alone here. 

Many people have ACs and have problems along with them for free. So do not worry that problems with ACs are not that unknown and uncommon. Thus, to make you feel better and give you some insight into the background, here are the 10 most common problems you face in an AC. 

10 Most Common Problems with ACs 

Any machine you buy, you have to take responsibility for its well being. That being said, you need to make sure that you make correct upgrades, so you do not have to make them frequently. But to come up with solutions, you need to get into the root of the problems. Hence here are the ten most common problems you will find in an Ac. 

1. Constant running of the ACs

This happens a lot in summer especially. The problem is that it is too hot and nobody wants to be sweating all the time. That said, keeping the Ac on constantly is a red flag that you need to avoid. Not only do they make your electric bills skyrocket, but they also cause problems with the machine’s components. 

2. Not running the Acs enough. 

Ironically, if you move the other way, then too you have a problem. If you do not run the Ac enough, the machine may take a little longer to perform better. Although, there are more reasons for the AC not turning on, like wiring and circuit problems. If that is the case, do not try to self-repair, and it is best to call for professional AC services in Chennai

3. No cooling of air 

Sometimes, you may observe that the AC has been running, yet the room is not cool enough. That means that there is a problem with the circuit breaker. This can occur in two ways; either the AC is running, or there is little airflow. Or the airflow is fine, but it is not cool enough. This can also be a problem in the refrigerant. 

4. Leaks in refrigerant 

Some moisture accumulates near the air conditioner, but sometimes it could be leaking. It is potentially difficult to recognize a leak, but if you find something shiny and bright stains, those are water leaks from the refrigerant. This can be due to blocked drainage systems. 

5. Drainage 

Just like the filters, the drain also needs to be cleaned. Any blockage in the drain could potentially lead to leaks which will in turn damage the machine itself. In addition, the drain may get clogged by the dirt and the external components that may cause leaks. In that case, you should clear out the drains and make sure there is enough room for the water to flow. 

6. Damage in compressor 

The compressor is a very important aspect of the Ac. It provides energy to the refrigerant that allows cooling. Should the compressor not work, the machine will not cool the room. Hence you need to make sure that the compressor is working fine and call for services if not. 

7. Problems with the evaporator coil 

The function of the evaporator coil is simple and yet very essential. It ensures that the heat is absorbed and cool air is passed through the ducts. The problem with these coils is also very simple. Generally, the coils corrode; this generally occurs more if they are inside; hence you need to conduct maintenance every three years. 

8. Air filters 

Air filters are like the lungs of the machine, which tends to get dirty due to the dirty particles in the air. These dirt particles accumulate and form layers; thus, you need to take care of them. If the air filters are not changed, the AC will lose the ability to absorb more dirt, and there won’t be efficient cooling. 

9. Weak air drive 

There can be a lot of reasons behind weak airflow. For example, you may be experiencing that the AC is running, but the temperature is not falling. This can be caused due to a dirty filter which can make your summers miserable. For other reasons, there may be a problematic motor or low refrigerant levels and ducts leaking. 

10. Fan problems 

Without the fan, you cannot make the air flow through your room and provide circulation. This is how the transfer of eating from indoor to outdoor happens. Thus, ensure that you conduct regular maintenance of the machine and therein the fan.  


It is important to notice that these problems are rather common with everyone who owns an AC. That is why it is advisable to carry out inspections and look into the needs of the machine. For it, you would require professionals to carry out the business. 

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