Air Conditioning(AC) Maintenance Checklist for Winter and Summer

Air Conditioning(AC) Maintenance Checklist for Winter and Summer

Is your AC acting up again? 

Did you manage to get your servicing done yet there is not enough cooling? Maybe that is because you are not doing it right. While servicing is essential for getting a pleasant and regular airflow, the timing is crucial. There are two ways you can go about this, and you can have a maintenance checklist for summer and winter. 

A lot of professionals will give you tons of variable advice. Sometimes, with the machine’s behaviour, you might think that you need a new one. But that is all an illusion of poor maintenance. There are many ways you can manage to get the best performance out of air conditioners. Many key components require replacement and cleanup. Here are two different checklists for two different seasons to give you an idea. 

Why does the AC have different requirements for different seasons? 

Maintenance is taxing and important at the same time. It requires some more investment and a lot of energy. But that is what you get when you buy an AC. But all this is done for your and your family’s comfort. Thus, to ensure that this comfort is provided without hindrance, you need to maintain the AC. But the question might arise, why is maintenance required for both seasons? Cleaning up the AC once every year be enough? 

People wish that to be true, but it can only do the ideal performance if you maintain it properly. By the standards of an air conditioner, the maintenance requirement is twice a year. So after summers, when it uses the machine heavily and during the winters, it gets ready for what is coming. Moreover, maintenance cost during winters gets extremely low, so you can always take advantage of that. 

Maintenance checklist for winter 

Below mentioned is a checklist for fall and winter. Although not all ACs are the same, their core parts are quite basic; therefore, you should not worry about getting confused with the below-mentioned parts: 

  • Clean the filters every 30 to 90 days during the winter. They are most likely to get dirty and clogged. This can happen when you have the AC sitting for long. It may also pick up layers of dust when the AC is running. 
  • Check the assembly of the ignition burner. 
  • The important thing is to inspect the machine properly. Look out for components like a heat exchanger or other heating components. If these start to leak, then they will release carbon monoxide. 
  • Look for wirings that may become loose. Attach them properly or replace them altogether if you think it may be a threat. 
  • Look into the electrical circuit connections. Ensure that no wire is loosely hanging, or it may be a risk for people. It may also cause short circuits, which may cause a bigger problem. 
  • Check the heat pump and the pressure of the gas. 
  • The best way to make the AC winter and summer-ready is to lubricate the things that will be moving. These include the bearings and the gears. 
  • Finally, look into the drainage system and the AC drain lines and remove any stagnant water. 

Maintenance checklist for summer 

The summers are not very far, and with time going by this fast, it is best to keep your machine summer-ready. For summers, things are a little different. There is more heat, and thus, the machines are more prone to overheating. But you can solve problems like these by conducting proper maintenance.

  • The first thing you need to look into is the thermostat settings during the summers. This is something you should do before the summer arrives. 
  • Check the units and get rid of the clutter. These elements may be a cause of fire hazards in the house. 
  • Look into the refrigerant settings of the machine before you start the AC during the summers.  
  • Look into the airflow settings and check if cooling is provided efficiently.
  • Check the surroundings of the house, like leaves and bushes. If there are shrubs near the AC, it is advisable to trim these before you start working over them more. 
  • Seal all the ducts that you may have in your home. If not, there is no point in starting the AC. 
  • Finally, start an AC before summer arises for a test run. Before the scorching summer heat, you should switch the AC on for at least 10 minutes and see if it is cooling. 


Therefore, to sum up, an air conditioner is a huge investment and comes with many responsibilities. If you are not ready to cater to the maintenance needs of the AC twice every year, then you are not ready for that commitment. But you can always rely on professional AC service in Chennai people to look into the AC problems whenever you encounter them. 

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