AC(Air Conditioner) Buying Guide India 2022​

AC(Air Conditioner) Buying Guide India

In India, scorching summer start in April, here the requirement of AC comes into play. The major part of India is suffering from high temperatures in the summertime. Air Conditioner is basically an electrical instrument that gives us a cooling effect. An air conditioner is installed in the closed areas, whether it’s your room, auditorium, shopping malls, etc.

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Different Types of AC​

Generally, there are six different types of ac that are available in the market and these divisions are based on the shape and size of the room where it is placed.

1. Central AC​

This is one of the best forms of air conditioner, especially used in large size rooms. Air is cooled by the refrigerant inside the coils, the fans blow the air and it spread the air in the whole room. This type of air conditioner requires planning because you are placed inside your room. It requires professionals to install the air conditioner, so this is one of the most expensive types of air conditioners.

2. Ductless Split System Air Conditioner

As the name indicates that, it comes in two-part. The first part is the indoor unit and a second part is an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is placed outside the house, or on the roof of the house. This part is the condenser of our air conditioner.

The second part is the blower part that blows cool air inside the room. It is mounted on the wall according to our convenience. The major advantage of this unit is, you can cool all your rooms at a different temperature because each unit comes with its own thermostat. Due to this facility, it is even more expensive than a central air conditioner.

3. Window AC​

This is the most simple and most common type of air conditioner which you can see in your surrounding. It comes as a single unit. Both the parts, indoor and outdoor are combined in a single unit. It is placed in such a way that the blowing fan air is facing inside the room and the other side is facing outside of the window.

This air conditioner is capable to cool single rooms only and if you have multiple rooms and you want to cool each room then you should place one unit in each room.

4. Geothermal Air Conditioner​

We all know that we use the air conditioner to cool our surroundings but this is the air conditioner that changes our perception. This air conditioner is used both, to cool your room a well as to heat your room. This is one of the recent technology that we are using in the field of air conditioners.

The basic concept behind this air conditioner is basic science. We are all familiar with the insulating property of the earth. The earth beneath 4 to 6 feet is maintained with its temperature as 55-degree Fahrenheit irrespective of the temperature on the surface of the earth.

In a geothermal air conditioner, water is exchanged between your home, heat pump, and earth. The pipes are installed either vertically or horizontally, depending upon your geographical site.

5. Hybrid Air Conditioner

This is the alternative way between burning fossils and using electricity to save your money and energy. In summer, the heat pump pulls the heat from your room and leaves it outside the room and makes your room cool and in the winter this process becomes reversed.

6. Portable Unit Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, portable means transferrable. This is the only air conditioner that can be portable from one room to the other room. It stands on the floor and is movable. It requires a window to exhaust out the hot air.​

What are the points you should keep in mind about installing an Air-Conditioner?​

1. Budget

The most important factor for normal people is budget.

  • The cheapest option available for us is the window and portable air conditioner.
  • If your requirement is to cool more than one room then a ductless air conditioner is more cost-effective for you.
  • If you want an air conditioner that lasts long and gives you more effective cooling then you should switch to central air conditioning but it is more expensive than the above two.
  • If you want an air conditioner that you install once and long last till you survive, then you have to go for a geothermal air conditioner. But it is the most expensive air conditioner.

2. Room Size

The first thing you want to know before you install an air conditioner is your size. How much area do you want to cool? The power of the air conditioner is measured in tons.

1 ton = 12000 BTU(British Thermal Unit) OR 3517 watts.

One ton means it is the amount of heat required to melt one ton of ice in 24 hrs.

Generally, 1.5 – 5 tons is required to cool the house while installing a centralized air conditioner. Room size of 1600 square feet, requires 3 tons of air conditioning units. But if your requirement is more than 5 tons, then it lights commercial HVAC units.

Room Size recommended:

  • Requires 1.2 tons of air conditioner, if your room is less than 120 sq. feet.
  • Requires 1.4 – 1.5 tons of air conditioner, if your room is between 121 -179 sq. feet.
  • Requires 2 tons or above of air conditioner, if your room is greater than or equal to 180sq feet.

Other factors that affect the capacity of the air conditioner are:-

  • Floor

 If you are living on the top floor then you require the highest capacity of an air conditioner. As you move towards the upper floor, your requirement for the capacity of the air conditioner increases.

  • Temperature

Your surrounding temperature plays an important role in deciding the capacity of the air conditioner required.

  • Multiple windows are also an important factor in deciding the capacity of the air conditioner required.
  • Room orientation.

3. Power Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has set the standard of rating the electrical appliances as by star. In the case of the air conditioner, this star refers to the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This tells you how much energy is consumed by the air conditioner to cool a home. More SEER rating means more efficiency or more star means better. It is recommended by experts that people who live in hot and humid areas should at least use a 15 SEER rating and if you are using less than 10 SEER rating air conditioners then switch to 15, it will reduce your electrical bill.

4. Warranties

It is necessary to check the warranties given by different companies. Some companies give more warranties and some less. You should also check what warranties they cover like Covering labour-related expenses for the very first year or lifetime warranty with labour cost.

5. Energy-saving features

  1. Variation in speed motor: It increases the efficiency of airflow, as it adjusts its speed according to the requirement.
  2. Two-stage cooling: Compressor of the air conditioner comes in two different cooling – high & low. It adjusts themselves according to their requirement. If it runs on low cooling, it consumes less energy and saves your money.
  3. Thermal expansion valves: The valve releases more refrigerant when there is a requirement of more cooling and release less when less requirement of less cooling. This saves your energy and money.

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