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Finding AC service in Thirumullaivoyal?

Air Conditioner has become one of the most essential things at home nowadays. Summer being horrible in Chennai the heat waves are unbearable. Buying an AC requires lot of maintenance as well. Installing and servicing an AC takes a lot of waiting time and patience as technician would arrive at their convenient tech are thriving to get you the best service with skilled technicians in the time that suits you best. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus. Finding AC service in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai is a challenge but now you have Sarvel Cool Tech which you can rely for AC repair and services.

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Types of AC using in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai

Split Ac

Inverter AC

Window AC

Central AC

Split AC

Split AC is commonly used type in homes and offices. This type of AC requires lesser space and does not need changing the existing structure like making holes for window AC. This Ac can be used at home according to room size and can be used in offices where smaller cabins are there. The draw back with this model is this cannot be used in a bigger space. If used the cooling will not be efficient as well as energy will be used more.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC is the most recent model in AC. Inverter AC is energy efficient and can adapt to bigger or smaller room sizes. The compressor and motor in inverter AC can run at varying speed.
This type Ac s t new in market and many service centers do not provide service for this type of AC. We at Sarvel Cool Tech ensure that our technicians are best in AC repair in Thirumullaivoyal.

Central AC

Central AC is used for larger spaces like offices and bigger houses. This AC requires prior planning and technicians’ advice regarding the capacity required for the space.
This AC will not be energy efficient if it is not installed in proper size.
We at Sarvel cool Tech ensures that our technicians are available at all stages of installation and initial planning. We also make sure every type of AC service in Thirumullaivoyal being handled by our Technicians perfectly and train other budding technicians to work with these AC's accurately and catering to the customer services accordingly

Window AC

Window AC is one type of AC which can be fitted along side of window. Other side of the AC will have the provision to get the warm air out from the room. This type of AC goes well with small room or even a small space. This is because the AC will be effective with only smaller space to facilitate air conditioning hence cannot be used for larger room or space. Hence for small places like homes, smaller shops or small setup offices this AC can be more efficient. But for bigger industries and manufacturing companies that come with bigger spaces, this AC will not be the best option. As these are considered outdated many service centers do not have technicians who can handle windows AC.

We at Sarvel Cool Tech make sure every type of AC service in Thirumullaivoyal being handled by our Technicians perfectly and train other budding technicians to work with these AC's accurately and catering to the customer services accordingly.

Different type of AC Services provided by Sarvel Cool Tech

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair & services in Thirumullaivoyal

AC service in thirumullaivoyal

AC Service

AC Repair

AC Installation

AC Removal

AC Service in Thirumullaivoyal

AC Service can be regular monthly service or once in three months as per the AC provider. This requires time and money to maintain the working condition of AC. Finding the best AC service in Thirumullaivoyal is important as hiring a bad technician might result in failure of the whole system. Service includes refilling gas, cleaning filters and other general cleaning. We at Sarvel Cool Tech ensure that we provide you best service with skilled technicians and at a nominal cost. Our technicians are available at your convenient time and make sure best service is provided. Inspection charges will not be applicable if service is made.

AC Repair in Thirumullaivoyal

AC repair can be hectic that too in summer days as it might take a few days to find technicians and get it fixed. The parts of AC may get repair over the period of time even if you are using the best branded AC. AC might not be energy efficient due to compressor failure or failure of any other parts. Finding the right issue in AC is most important as one wrong move might cause damage to the whole AC and might not be usable in future. Our technicians at Sarvel Cool Tech have vast experience and they find the right issue and damage in parts after inspection. Our technicians will buy the required spare parts and fix the issue right on time.

AC Installation and Removal in Thirumullaivoyal

Installation of AC or reinstallation can be a challenge during summer days as most people buy AC and install during summer. Finding the installation slot through the AC Company might not be possible. You might end up in paying more than twice of the actual amount for installation or re installation as other service companies charge this way. We at Sarvel Cool tech ensure that AC installation and removal service is done in a perfect way at a nominal price. Ac removal requires best AC service in Thirumullaivoyal that knows how to pack the gas and make sure there us no leakage in gas during transport.

Why Sarvel Cool Tech for AC Service in Thirumullaivoyal

We at Sarvel Cool Tech have trusted and skilled technicians who provide best AC service at the right time. Customer satisfaction is out motto we make sure out technicians provide best AC service and they are available at your convenient time making sure that your day today works are not affected in any way. Our technicians can handle all kinds of AC models and can get you the best in class service at a very decent price.

Trusted and skilled technicians

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Lowest service charges

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Our AC Repair and Service Charges

AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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If there are any parts to be changed our technician will buy them which will be produced with bill. 

Yes there are charges for inspection but you need not pay that if there is a service made.

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