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AC Service in Mogappair has a skilled engineer’s team. Our technicians will effectively repair, clean, install or reinstall your air conditioner. After our service, your air conditioning system will have no doubt, issues or leakage. You can easily contact us through our website and we also offer booking on phone facility for the comfort of our customers. We are always available for our customers to provide the best quality services.

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Air conditioners are functionally different than other cooling machines. Most of the people fix it in their surroundings to keep it cool and to save themselves from the scorching heat of summer. Along with cool surroundings, air conditioners prevent people from excessive heat, dehydration, high temperature, sweating, heat strokes, and allergies etc. Overall, a single machine has so many advantages.

But is it that easy to maintain this machine? Well, air conditioners demand proper care, on-time cleaning and servicing. Maintenance of air conditioner is equally important as clean and well-maintained air conditioner has more health advantages.

With maintenance, the right technician and AC service company are equally important for your air conditioner’s health. And here is the best option.


Our AC Service and Repair Work

Types of AC using in Mogappair, Chennai

There are multiple types of Air Conditioners installed in Chennai citizen’s house. All of them have a dissimilar type of system and repairing process. AC Service in Mogappair fix all types of Air Conditioners such as-

Split Ac

Inverter AC

Window AC

Central AC

Split AC

Split air conditioners were designed to cool homes or offices. They are mostly installed in small places. Its fan, condenser and compressor are the most sensitive parts of this air conditioner. Installation of this air conditioner is easier than other air conditioners as it does not require ductwork. However, it needs the proper technician's care and installation. For its efficiency and cooling process, maintenance and servicing of this AC in compulsory. Our technician team is skilled enough to manage its sophisticated system.

Inverter AC

Inverter air conditioner unit has a variable speed compressor motor. It varies according to the refrigerant flow. This air conditioner uses a variable-frequency censor to control the speed of the motor and to provide a balanced amount of air. However, it consumes more units on a daily basis and often requires maintenance. Despite its heavy units, AC services in Mogappair can maintain it.

Central AC

Central AC demands a lot more in-depth service as they are large in size and capacity. Sometimes they require a team of technicians and a different set of tools. AC Service in Mogappair has enough pieces of equipment and people to treat this air conditioner.

Window AC

Window air conditioners are installed on both sides of the windows. They are the oldest type of air conditioner in the market and their use is considered old fashion. But we, AC Service in Mogapair respect our customer's choice. We service all type of AC with maximum sufficiency, dedication and performance.

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Different type of AC Services provided by Sarvel Cool Tech

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair & services in Avadi

AC service in thirumullaivoyal

AC Service

AC Repair

AC Installation

AC Removal

AC Service in Mogappair

AC Service in Avadi offers multiple types of AC services such as-

AC General Cleaning Service

AC Deep Cleaning Service

All type of AC Repair

Dry AC Servicing

Wet AC Servicing

AC Repair in Mogappair

Unlike other repairing companies who don't visit the house in one call, AC Repair in Mogappair has a team of excellent and experienced technicians who will reach your door within a day. Just one call and you will find us standing outside your door. Our technician will discover the right cause of the breakdown and will fix it on the spot. We carry out proactive repairing tools on all Repair of AC System and repair them as soon as possible.

AC Installation and Removal in Mogappair

The cost of installing or reinstalling air conditioner, including the unit, varies a lot. They mostly depend on where you live, the type of system you need, condition of air ducts, fan, compressor, and external system. That’s why most of the time technicians charge a lot for this process. There is no fixed price and they ask whatever is suitable to their pockets. But AC Service Mogapair has a fixed price and that depends on the type of AC you are using. We charge all our customers the same amount. Our prices are accurate, reasonable and budget-friendly. You can contact us by phone or our website. We will be delighted to serve you.

Why Sarvel Cool Tech for AC Service in Mogappair

We at Sarvel Cool Tech have trusted and skilled technicians who provide best AC service in Chennai at the right time. Customer satisfaction is out motto we make sure our technicians provide AC service and they are available at your convenient time making sure that your day today works are not affected in any way. Our technicians can handle all kinds of AC models and can get you the best in class service at a very decent price.

Trusted and skilled technicians

No upfront Charges

Lowest service charges

Straightforward Pricing No hidden Charges

Best customer support

Warranty for services

Our AC Repair and Service Charges

AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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