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Like any other electronic appliance, an AC also goes through the natural tear and wear and needs maintenance regularly to deliver the desired functioning. But, not all people realize the significance of regular AC servicing by an efficient AC service centre.

AC servicing lets you enjoy the highest performance of the AC and saves your expenses in the long run. Irrespective of whether you utilize the AC unit throughout the year or simply during the summer season, the air filters accumulate pollen, dust, and other pollutants. 

In the course of AC servicing, a technician cleans each filter thoroughly so that toxins are eliminated and fresh air is circulated in your room. In addition, all top AC brands recommend seasonal maintenance and period cleaning by an efficient AC Service in Chennai to remove any impurities. 

Why do you need AC Service in Chennai? 

ac service in chennai, Sarvel Cool Tech

Various households mostly neglect AC servicing, but this servicing is essential to keep the AC units in good condition. Poor maintenance and seldom AC repair may lead to serious issues that would ask for major repair. By engaging a professional AC servicing company in Chennai, you can keep your AC well-maintained and save expenses in the long run. 

Following are the reasons why you would require the AC services regularly: 

  • Fresh air circulation – If the AC is clogged with toxic particles, dust, and dirt, it can result in several health issues, especially if there are existing issues like allergies or asthmas. By hiring an AC service, you can remove all the dirt and bacteria effectively. Thus, only fresh air would circulate your room. 
  • Increased lifespan – Expensive AC units would become valueless if you don’t maintain them appropriately. A qualified AC service would assist you in checking all the portions and making sure that they are clean. Therefore, this would make sure that the units are running in top-class condition and extend the lifespan of the AC in the long term. 
  • Decreases important breakdowns – No one likes when their AC breaks down as it also disrupts the day’s entire schedule. Therefore, it’s severely important to get the AC units regularly serviced to prevent any major maintenance issues or breakdowns. 
  • Saves money – An AC unit kept without regular maintenance can cause the owner much more spending, like high repair bills and high electricity bills. With decreased cooling efficiency and malfunctioning of the AC, you can even face a huge spending issue. Therefore, it’s important to hire an AC service that’s cost-efficient and serves your purpose. 

Common AC Problems

Major AC repairs can be quite expensive; hence it’s important to schedule maintenance and tune-ups regularly with experienced AC services to enjoy the top-class optimum performance. Following are the common AC issues that you should know about to take preventive measures and avoid huge repairing costs. 

  • AC starting problem – You should check the thermostat batteries when the AC is not getting turned on or not functioning. Suppose the batteries are still in working condition. In that case, you can check the thermostat settings to make sure whether the cooling mode of your AC is on with your needed temperature settings. 

    However, if the thermostat is properly functioning but the AC is still not starting, you should check the circuit breaker. If this portion is tripped, then the AC won’t get switched on. Therefore, you would need to reset this circuit breaker, and you can undergo that by flipping the switch to firstly off and then on it. 
  • AC is not cooling properly – Your AC won’t circulate cold air if any dirty particle starts blocking its normal airflow. Moreover, an air filter that’s not clean can freeze up the AC unit and limit its cooling capabilities. Therefore, altering the air filter regularly would assist your AC units in circulating cool air. 
  • Leakage – The AC would not perform appropriately, and the temperature would start varying when the coolants present in the AC would get leaked. This condition may result in – uneven cooling, coil freezing, decreased efficiency, damaged compressor, and high power consumption issues. Therefore, you need to inspect the air conditioner to avoid any refrigerant leaks regularly. 
  • Sudden breakdown of the AC – When the turning on and turning off of your AC is done frequently, both the compressor and the fan controls can gradually wear out, resulting in sudden breakdowns. The fan motor in the condenser, the blower motor, and the compressor can make an electric connection to switch on the unit. Therefore, while sudden breakdowns, it’s important to thoroughly check all the electrical connections for determining the exact issues. 
  • Noise – An AC can make unique sounds based on the type of issue. If there’s a leak in the refrigerant, then you can experience a hissing sound from your AC. However, if a clicking sound is happening during both turns on and turns off, it can be a relay issue. 

    On the other hand, the rattling, thumping, or even banging noises imply an issue with the blower present on the motor assembly. Even a screeching noise would be faced when there’s an issue in the fan motor or compressor. Along with that, the faulty electrical components of the AC would result in a buzzing sound. 
  • Any Foul Smell – The drainage pipeline of the AC can also get clogged with algae, dirt, and dust. If the water is not properly drained, mildew, mould, and even fungus can develop inside the AC. Therefore, bad odour and gasses would filter into the room. To prevent this scenario, ensure the drain line of your AC is maintained regularly. 

What Sarvel Cool Tech provides AC Services

If the AC in your room is not functioning as desired, then Sarvel Cool Tech will come to your home and determine the issues as soon as possible. If undergoing a repair is the most required choice for you, we would ensure that it is done correctly and speedily. We cover different AC servicing locations; therefore, the vehicles are adequate stocks, and they can complete numerous repair jobs on one visit based on your estimate. 

  • Installation & Un-installation – Usually, You must replace an old AC unit for efficiency, cost, and other causes. But, selecting an AC is quite tricky because there’s no exact size that would fulfil all your desired needs.

    Therefore, our professionals visit your home to check appropriately which AC would function the best to serve your intended purpose. Also, we communicates with you to consider your preferences, budget, and other factors significant for you and the comfort you want. 

    Along with that, the Sarvel Cool Tech is also there to assist you with the un-installation services. This is the most trusted and best choice for a quick, firm, and cool AC service for repairing and maintaining air conditioning systems. It offers the most efficient un-installation service in Chennai when you are looking for shifting from one place to another.
  • Wet Service – To breathe in fresh and healthy air, you can hire the Sarvel Cool Tech to clean the AC from time to time as the water stored inside the AC can become a reason behind your dangerous sickness or even flu.

    The wet service would include servicing all components of the AC, including the cooling coil, back drain tray, blower, drain pipe, and the main drain tray. Also, in contrast to other services, Sarvel Cool Tech’s dry servicing techniques would offer you speedier cooling. 
  • Repairing – The expert AC technicians of Sarvel Cool Tech inspect the major components of the AC unit, like fan motor, condenser unit, evaporator unit, thermostat, etc., during AC repairing to determine the main issues. The technicians would also ensure that it would do the repairing work correctly and quickly. 
  •  Gas Filling – When the air conditioning unit is functioning appropriately but not efficiently cooling your room or ice is getting formed inside the evaporator coil, or hot air is circulating from the vents, then it is the right time to hire Sarvel Cool Tech to refill the gas. The necessity of gas refilling the AC is mainly because of the leakage in the refrigerant line. 

We provide all types of AC Service In Chennai.

Whether you have an inverter AC, window AC, non-inverter AC, or split AC, it is very significant to service the AC to ensure its trouble-free performance in the long run. Apart from performance and efficiency, the Sarvel Cool Tech AC service also assists you in making sure that no issues are present inside the AC and every portion of the AC is working properly. 

  • Split AC – Although every air conditioning and heating system benefits from daily maintenance, it’s especially crucial to offer your ductless Split AC the regular attention it asks for. As the Split Air Conditioning Systems require free-flowing air circulation around both the outdoor and indoor components, Sarvel Cool Tech’s technicians make sure that all the components of your Split AC function efficiently. 
  • Window AC – The power cord, switch, drain ports, filter, coils, fan, and thermostat are the most prominent Window AC components that ask for regular servicing to avoid more issues in the future. Therefore, Silver Tech technicians repair the front grille and replace or clean the filter. They even remove the control panel to check the functioning of the power cord. Also, the cleaning of condenser coils and evaporators is done at the beginning of the cooling season. 
  • Inverter and Non-Inverter AC – To repair an inverter AC, Sarvel Cool Tech’s technicians clean the locations where dirt and dust can easily accumulated. They also undergo periodic checking and maintenance of the condenser and refrigerant. Also, as insulation is crucial for the inverter AC units in every direction, the Sarvel Cool Tech technicians ensure no obstruction in the space. 

Why Sarvel Cool Tech? 

Appropriate AC maintenance plays a very critical role in the longevity of the cooling system. Following are the reasons why you must hire the Sarvel Cool Tech in Chennai to undergo the proper maintenance of the air conditioners:

  • Professional & Experienced Expert – One of the most significant reasons to select the Sarvel Cool Tech AC specialists is their experience and reliability compared to the other less specialized service providers. Our experienced and professional AC technicians concentrate on AC-related issues in a way that others aren’t, therefore enabling them for handling a wider range of AC-related issues. 
  • 30 Days Warranty – The Sarvel Cool Tech offers a contract of repairing and maintenance coverage. It’s a pledge of AC servicing that makes sure that your expensive AC’s functionality for a fixed period makes you feel relieved. Sarvel Cool Tech is a standard AC service that would cover any function undertaken by the professional service and any portions that require to be replaced under warranty. 
  • 100% genuine spare parts – The Sarvel Cool Tech’s genuine spare parts ensure the utilization of high quality and safe spare parts during repairing and maintenance. We make sure that you get nothing less than safety, best in quality, and flawless functionality. 
  • Best Price in Market – Our best AC maintenance and repair services are offered at a comparatively low cost, and also our teams of experts are surely one of the best in the AC servicing field, along with flexible timings. 

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1. How much does it cost to service AC?

You may require to pay an average of 1000 Rs for servicing the Air conditioners ranging from 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons. 

2. What is done in AC servicing?

The AC servicing is done by following the below-mentioned steps:
1. The washing and cleaning of the air filters are done. The technicians also rinse and clean the condenser fins. 
2. The technicians clean the evaporator coil and the condenser coil.
3. The technicians check whether any dripping or pooling is happening in the drainage units. Also, they check the pipe leakages. 
4. They check the correctness of the coolant level.
5. At last, an overall inspection of all different components is performed. 

3. How often you should service AC?

It must serve a properly functioning Air Conditioning system at least after every three months. 

4. Do you provide all kinds of AC service?

Yes, Sarvel Cool Tech offers every type of AC service, including regular maintenance and repairing for different types of Air conditioning systems like Split AC, Inverter AC, Window AC, Non-inverter AC, etc. 

5. Do you offer a warranty of service?

Yes, Sarvel Cool Tech offers warranty services, including repair, delivery, installation, maintenance, and un-installation. 

6. Do you accept online payments?

Yes, Sarvel Cool Tech accepts online payments on GPay or PhonePe. Our online payment gateway is secure, and we even provide click-to-pay mail invoicing. 

7. When should I clean my AC filters?

It would be best if you got your AC filters cleaned every two weeks. However, in a more polluted and dusty environment, the AC filters should get cleaned more regularly.

8. Should I pay extra for the spare parts?

The charges of spare parts are included in the maintenance and repair charges. But, during the warranty period, if you find any parts faulty or do not fit your purpose, we will replace them free of charge. Also, we offer customized maintenance schemes. 

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