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If your AC has stopped working or you are looking for AC service. Then you can find AC service in Avadi. We are always available for our customers to provide the best quality services. You can easily contact us through our website and we also offer booking on phone facility for the comfort of our customers. 

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Air Conditioner is one of the most precious assets in the summertime. In the summer season, it is difficult to pass a single day without using this machine. Like other appliances, this precious machine also demands regular maintenance for efficient and effective functioning.

Although, purchase, installation and maintenance of an Air Conditioner is no easy task. It demands a lot of time, efforts and money. And all these problems are just the tip of the iceberg as the main problems rely on finding an efficient technician.

AC Service in Avadi has vast experience in this business. Our technicians are well-versed with the latest technological advancements in the field.

Our AC Service and Repair Work

Types of AC using in Avadi, Chennai

There are various types of Air Conditioners available in the market. All of them possess a different type of system and repairing process. AC service in Avadi repairs all types of AC Such as-

Split Ac

Inverter AC

Window AC

Central AC

Split AC

This type of air conditioner consists of an and indoor-outdoor unit, compressor, condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tubing. There many advantages of this AC but it requires professional installation. Don't let a normal technician touch your AC. Contact AC services in Avadi. We are efficient enough to manage its advanced system.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC was designed to control the speed of the compressor motor. That's why its compressor is the most sensitive part of the machine. Not all type of technicians can handle it as it requires a different set of tools. Our technicians are equipped enough to handle Inverter AC.

Central AC

Central AC demands prior planning, safety and technician's care. It is mostly used for large space that's why a group of the technician is mandatory. It will be a waste of money if this AC is not installed in proper size. We coach our technicians to work with Central air conditioner properly and safely. We guarantee you its safe installation, servicing, repairing, maintenance and reinstallation.

Window AC

Window Air Conditioner's working process is quite similar to central AC. Though is it small in size and mostly preferred for room and small offices. However, dirt is the biggest enemy of this air conditioner. Many technicians don't provide its cleaning service as it requires extra time and this model is considered outdated in the market. But we at AC service in Avadi repair, install and clean all type of air conditioner without considering their models.

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Different type of AC Services provided by Sarvel Cool Tech

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair & services in Avadi

AC service in thirumullaivoyal

AC Service

AC Repair

AC Installation

AC Removal

AC Service in Avadi

AC Service in Avadi offers multiple types of AC services such as-

AC General Cleaning Service

AC Deep Cleaning Service

All type of AC Repair

Dry AC Servicing

Wet AC Servicing

Gas Filling or Refilling

All type of AC Installation

All type of AC Uninstallation

All type of AC Installation and Uninstallation

3M anti-pollution filter installation

AC Repair in Avadi

Repairing the Air Conditioner could be complicated only if the technician doesn't have prior experience and proper knowledge. One wrong move can damage your air conditioner further. In our company, we hire efficient and experienced technicians with a proper background check. Our service engineers are well qualified and always ready to deliver you a satisfactory service at your doorstep. We deal with all type of air conditioners. For our customers, we are a one-stop solution for repairing all types of Air Conditioner.

AC Installation and Removal in Avadi

So many AC selling companies don’t provide installation slot or help in removal. That’s why customers seek for technician’s help. But most of the AC installer companies are not transparent with their customer’s after-sales services. They charge an extra amount of money for a single visit or some other minor work. But AC service in Avadi is honest with its customers. We pay frequent visits after installing the AC. We support our customers and help them with proper assistance and guidance.

Why Sarvel Cool Tech for AC Service in Avadi

We at Sarvel Cool Tech have trusted and skilled technicians who provide best AC service at the right time. Customer satisfaction is out motto we make sure our technicians provide best AC service and they are available at your convenient time making sure that your day today works are not affected in any way. Our technicians can handle all kinds of AC models and can get you the best in class service at a very decent price.

Trusted and skilled technicians

No upfront Charges

Lowest service charges

Straightforward Pricing No hidden Charges

Best customer support

Warranty for services

Our AC Repair and Service Charges

AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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