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If you are looking for an AC service then you are at right place. AC services in Anna Nagar has been working in this field for the last many years. Our technicians are trained enough to understand the whole process. You can contact us easily through our website or phone. Our technician will visit you within the given time and the rest will be done by us.

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In the current era, Air Conditioner is no longer a luxury but a necessity as global warming and climate changes are affecting the environment causing access amount of heat especially in summer.

In summer, nothing feels better than cool air of AC especially when the outer world is burning under the hot rays of the sun. Installing AC can also improve your health and can save you from a lot of health issues such as allergy, sun struck, hot-wind, high body temperature and all the other problems that occur due to access amount of warmth.

However, buying an AC and installing it in your home, office or some other place is a tough task. It requires a lot of hard work, money, time, maintenance and patients. But with the help of AC services in Anna Nagar, you can save yourself from all these hard works and still enjoy the cooling of Air Conditioner.

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Types of AC using in Anna Nagar, Chennai

There could be a different type of installation and maintenance process for different types of Air Conditioners. Split AC, Inverter AC, Window AC, Central AC etc are in complete contrast with each other. Applying the same technical method for all of them can destroy their internal system. That’s why we prefer different tricks for different types of AC.

Split Ac

Inverter AC

Window AC

Central AC

Split AC

Split AC is mostly used in homes and offices as it is small in size and doesn't occupy much space. There is no need to change the structure to install this air conditioner but it is useful only for small spaces and doesn't benefit in large areas.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC is one of the smartest inventions of technology. It is energy efficient and adjusts in small or large spaces. And the motor and converter speed fluctuates according to the temperature and choice. Since its a new invention, many technicians don't provide its repair and installation services as they don't know how to handle its system. However, AC services in Anna Nagar is efficient enough to manage its advanced system.

Central AC

Central air conditioners are mostly preferred in a spacious area like bungalows, commercial spaces, halls, mansions etc. It is so advanced and huge that it requires more than one technician and not all the technicians can operate its systems. But technicians of AC services in Anna Nagar can wield it perfectly without damaging a single part.

Window AC

Window AC is a great option for small spaces like a room or shops. It is adjusted on two sides of the window. One side of the air conditioner minimises the room temperature and another side throws the hot air out of the room. Though, this type of air conditioners is not suitable for large spaces. And many technicians refuse to handle it because it is considered outmoded and old fashioned.

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Different type of AC Services provided by Sarvel Cool Tech

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair & services in Anna Nagar

AC service in thirumullaivoyal

AC Service

AC Repair

AC Installation

AC Removal

AC Service in Anna Nagar

AC Service in Anna Nagar provides various types of AC services such as-

AC General Cleaning Service

AC Deep Cleaning Service

AC Repair

Gas Filling or Refilling

All type of AC Installation

All type of AC Uninstallation

All type of AC Installation and Uninstallation

AC Repair in Anna Nagar

Repairing your AC could be troublesome that too especially in the summer season. Because in summer it is hard to manage without Air Conditioner even for a day. And the technician might take a few days to repair your Air Conditioner or to even visit your home. AC Repair in Anna Nagar has a team of excellent and experienced technicians who visit within a day and discover the right cause of the breakdown. And then they will repair your Air Conditioner in minimum time.

AC Installation and Removal in Anna Nagar

Installing or removing AC is a hectic process and finding the right person for the work is more hectic than the last one. Because some AC companies do not offer installation slots or they charge a heavy amount for the task. Which is expensive and not at all budget-friendly. But you can save a lot of amount by hiring us for this work. We provide the best AC Installation and Removal Services in Anna Nagar. Our price is pocket-friendly and our technicians know the entire process. They are well aware of the drawbacks of this work. They know how to pack gas and install or remove Air Conditioner without damaging the machine.


Why Sarvel Cool Tech for AC Service in Anna Nagar

We at Sarvel Cool Tech have trusted and skilled technicians who provide best AC Services in Chennai at the right time. Customer satisfaction is out motto we make sure our technicians provide best AC service and they are available at your convenient time making sure that your day today works are not affected in any way. Our technicians can handle all kinds of AC models and can get you the best in class service at a very decent price.

Trusted and skilled technicians

No upfront Charges

Lowest service charges

Straightforward Pricing No hidden Charges

Best customer support

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Our AC Repair and Service Charges

AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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