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Looking for AC Service in Ambattur?

If you are looking for an AC service in Ambattur to maintain your air conditioner and to keep it in fantastic condition. Then you are at right place. Sarvel Cool Tech is an excellent AC servicing company. Our workers are known for their systematic work.

We have a website where you can easily contact us. We give offers to our customers for booking on phone facilities for their comfort. Any time you can call us, we are always available to help our customers and to satisfy their needs. We give the best and quality services to all our customers.

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Nothing can save us in the summer season except the air conditioner. It is an important aspect of life especially when the sun is at peak and the earth is burning with scorching heat. Not only our body but brain and internal system also suffers from this heat. Excessive heat leads to aggressive behaviour and attack the person physically, emotionally, and mentally. So we need an air conditioner in order to keep ourselves away from this torture. That’s why an air conditioner is must in the summer season.

Apart from installing, its regular cleaning and servicing is also important. AC Service in Ambattur is a company that helps you do all these tasks without wasting much time.

Our AC Service and Repair Work

Types of AC using in Ambattur, Chennai

There are a lot of air conditioners available in the Ambattur, Chennai market. All the air conditioners have different types of system and repairing process. AC Service in Ambattur repairs all types of air conditioners. Such as-

Split Ac

Inverter AC

Window AC

Central AC

Split AC

Split air conditioner's system includes a compressor, condenser coil, expansion coil, indoor-outdoor unit and capillary tubing. Consumers usually prefer it better quality air. However, it has some limitation and it is only beneficial for small spaces like a room or office cabin. Other than that, there many advantages of this AC but it requires professional installation. AC Service in Ambattur does the complete work of Split AC.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC is also known as eco-friendly air conditioner due to its various benefits. It is the most popular AC of the air conditioner market. The best thing about this AC is that it has its own speed of the compressor motor. And its energy-saving factor is the main highlight of Inverter AC. However, its maintenance and repairing process is complicated due to its advanced system. It demands a different set of tools. You can trust us with this work. AC Service in Ambattur is equipped enough to handle Inverter AC.

Central AC

Central AC has its own demands. It needs prior planning, safety and technician's care. This AC can be used for large areas but it should be installed with the group of expert technicians. Its system is huge as it cools down large place and produces the air for multiple rooms. For work regarding this AC, you can call AC Service in Ambattur. We have a team of experienced workers who are well aware of its system and installing process.

Window AC

Window air conditioners are installed by connecting both sides of the windows. They have been in the market for decades. That's why they are the oldest type of air conditioners. Though their use has faded from the market as their productivity is low when compared to other air conditioners. We, AC Service in Ambattur repair Window AC with maximum sufficiency, dedication and performance.

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Different type of AC Services provided by Sarvel Cool Tech

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair & services in Villivakkam.

AC service in thirumullaivoyal

AC Service

AC Repair

AC Installation

AC Removal

AC Service in Ambattur

AC Service in Villivakkam offers multiple types of AC services such as-

AC General Cleaning Service

AC Deep Cleaning Service

Air Filter Cleaning

Condenser and Evaporator Cleaning

AC Repair in Ambattur

Repairing AC is so difficult only if the technician doesn't have enough experience and proper knowledge. One wrong step can change everything; it may cause further damage to your air conditioner. AC Repair in Ambattur has a team of well knowledgeable technicians with a proper background check. They are very smart and well qualified. They are known for giving satisfactory services to the customer at the doorstep.

AC Installation and Removal in Ambattur

AC Installation, Removal and Re-installation service cost varies according to the place, size, or work ethics of the particular mechanic. Few servicemen charge a lot where else few of them who don’t know the work properly take peanuts for it. But in both cases, you are in danger. Either you have to overpay or compromise with the work quality. And the second one is the worst type because it can damage your system.

But our company, AC Service in Ambattur is completely genuine, honest and trustworthy. We know our work and our prices are accurate. We pay frequent visits after installing the AC. So you can rely on us for this work. We will not disappoint you.

Why Sarvel Cool Tech for AC Service in Ambattur

We at Sarvel Cool Tech have trusted and skilled technicians who provide best AC service at the right time. Customer satisfaction is out motto we make sure our technicians provide best AC service and they are available at your convenient time making sure that your day today works are not affected in any way. Our technicians can handle all kinds of AC models and can get you the best in class service at a very decent price.

Trusted and skilled technicians

No upfront Charges

Lowest service charges

Straightforward Pricing No hidden Charges

Best customer support

Warranty for services

Our AC Repair and Service Charges

AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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