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There are different types of AC available in India. Let us see the most commonly used AC types in Chennai.

Split AC

Split AC is the most commonly used AC in Chennai. This Ac has two components an indoor and outdoor unit.
The components like compressor, expansion valve, and condenser come under the outdoor component.
Cooling fan and cooling coil or evaporator comes under the indoor unit. This type of Ac is easy to install and does not take up larger spaces like window AC.
Split Ac doesn’t require holes in the wall or disturb the existing walls. This type of AC is suitable for single rooms.
We have experienced professionals who can install Split AC as per the customer needs efficiently.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC is one of the new AC models that are becoming popular among the users for its increased benefits. This type of AC unit generally comes with a compressor motor that can provide varying speed. This is basically to adjust the refrigeration flow inside the AC unit to help act as a cooling controller and the heating capacity based on the need. The compressor motor speed varies directly as the frequency of the power supply. The usage of a variable frequency sensor achieves this. This is a unique feature in inverter AC that eliminates the frequent hop on-off moments to increase the efficiency of the AC over their long usage even when the supply is not consistent.

Central AC

Central AC is used for larger houses and offices that require cooling for all rooms. The cooling efficiency is higher compared to split AC and window AC.
Installing a Central Ac requires complete planning and preparation.
Size of the system is crucial as it will increase the utility costs even though your AC is energy efficient.

Window AC

Window AC is used for cooling a smaller room or space.
This is usually a compact unit that can be fitted to a window and hence the name. They make the room cooler leaving the warm air outside. This will be efficient only for a smaller room; this is not advised for a larger space or a room. This is because they cannot cool the larger room efficiently.

What We Do - Our Services

We at Sarvel Cool Tech provide the following AC repair services

AC Repair In Chennai

There are high chances that your AC parts get worn out over a while. It might be difficult to find the issue in AC if a skilled technician is not handling it. Suppose a wrong part is being touched; it might even because the whole system fails, and in the worst case, the AC might not even work anymore. We understand the problems and provide the accurate solution as we have skilled staff for AC repair in Chennai.

AC Service In Chennai

Sarvel Cool Tech would be the best choice to go with any services or cleaning requirements. We have the best technicians who can complete the cleaning and service at a specified time without disturbing your routine. Be it your home or business place, and the services will be carried out without affecting the day-to-day activities and, more importantly, in the time you fixed.


AC ServicePrice(₹)
AC Inspection200
General AC Cleaning500
Deep AC Cleaning 1500
AC Installation1500
AC Uninstallation700
Both Installation & Uninstallation2100
AC Gas Filling/Refilling900
Window AC Installation1200
Window AC UnInstallation500
Window AC Installation & Uninstallation1300

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  • We have the dedicated AC technicians with knowledge in repairing/installing all brand Air Conditioners.
  • We will get the work done within the committed time (depends on the difficulty on the service need to be provided)
  • The cost is very less comparatively.
  • We are always transparent to our customers. We will not change the costs based on the customers. It may vary only depends on the service.
  • You will get a trustworthy service.

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1. Ac Service
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Contact us through phone : +91 99400 48863 or email us at sarvelcooltech@gmail.com or fill the form through contact page.

If there are any parts to be changed, our technician will buy them and collect them with the final bill.

Yes, there are inspection charges, but you need not pay the full-service cost.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Evaporator Coil Leakages

Evaporator coils are the ones that absorb hot air and cycle it through coils to make it cold air. These coils may get eroded over a while. But if the coil is located inside, then it requires maintenance every three years. We have experienced technicians who can fix these evaporator coils without any complications.

Drain System Failures

Similar to the filter, the drain gets clogged or accumulated up with dust and other particles. If the drain fills up, the pan fills, and water leakage may damage the AC unit or any other source around it.

Refrigerant (Gas) Leaks

If there is a leakage in the coolant, the Air conditioner will not perform properly. If the leak is in the internal locations, then the cost of repair might be higher. It is better to be examined by the AC technician. We provides the best Ac repair and service in such situations.

Filter Failures

One of the most common reasons for trouble in the air conditioner is a dirty or clogged filter. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion and clean the filter at a specified interval. It may vary from one month to three months or reusable ones. The light should pass through the filter; if not, it is time to clean it. A dirty filter not only slows down air cycling but also might cause the air conditioner to freeze.

Thermostat Failures

The thermostat is used in the central Air conditioner. In such cases, thermostat settings will be the problem. This might be affected by sunlight and other factors.

PCB Board Errors

Inside the AC unit, there are contractors for the blower motor, condenser motor fan, and compressor. The electrical connections made by these start the motor and compressor. If there are any issues with these, then the air conditioner will not work properly.

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